Extrusion Blow Molding Machine with liquid level line 12L
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Extrusion Blow Molding Machine with liquid level line 12L

Automatic Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

JN-2S1L JN-2S2L JN-2S5L JN-2S12L

Double statoin automatic extrusion blow molding machine


Double station automatic extrusion blow molding machine for liquid level line

  • The screw adopt high potency melt to make sure the material well mixed for different material such as PP,PE,PS,PAN,PA,PPE,PPO,ABS,POM,TRV
  • Adopt frequency control of motor system to reduce the power consumption
  • Choose single and double station according to your output easily
  • Adopt horizontal movement frame to improve stability and speed
  • The oil cylinder is inthe center of the moldboard,uniform stess for quality products and increase life span.
  • Three guild rod controller the mold open and clamp,to enhance the steadily and high efficiency.
  • The extrusion frame use head device,to influence the melt matetial avoid joint with the mold.
  • The extrusion head use spreader or screw type to well mixed the thickness and easy to change different color.
  • Adopt parison control when necessary for thickness
  • The professional oil system to reduce strike and noise
  • Use auto circular cutting system and automatic Conveyor belt for fully automatic produce when necessary
  • According customer's request,labeling machine is assorted.

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