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The main features of the device

1-layer single diehead, 2-layer double diehead, 2-layer diehead with view stripe by centre feeding of out-layer, tripie diehed quad diehead, hexa diehead, 3-layer, 4-layer. 5-layer and 6-layer diehead.

We adopted the oil circulation system from America vielcers or Japan YUKEN.The selscting of oil pump, circulation board and the unique filter system, makes the oil circulation with faster speed, stability in reducing speed, low noise, energy conservation and long duration.

On the basis of our rich experiences in extrusion field, we all adopt high quality pneumatic accessories, and in accordance with the requirement of each extrusion blow products, we design different blowing article, air exhausting, air dryness and so on blow system.

Various screw design for high efficiency of mixing and elasticizing the quality.

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